Vote Bill: Grow U.S Manufacturing by Veterans- Funding to SBA from 30% of China Import Taxes

United States

The U.S is becoming in the shadows of the world, and at risk for losing jobs on a massive scale.  We have outsourced most of our production to other countries.

The Trump administration established Section 301, which imposes 25% tariff tax on all Chinese products imported into the U.S on an estimated $250 billion in imports per year.  

Our bill proposal is to avert 30% of the Tariff taxes into a fund managed by the SBA (Small Business Association) to  FUND QUALIFIED VETERANS APPLICATIONS TO ESTABLISH MANUFACTURING COMPANIES.

These proceeds will efficiently fuel growth in our country in the following areas:

  1. Establish Manufacturing growth within the U.S
  2. Create growth opportunities for qualified Veterans 
  3. Fuel innovation and product development
  4. Fuel the future of jobs- providing technology reductions
  5. Increase opportunities for Production, Managers, Engineers and Scientists.
  6. Become less reliant on other countries production

Together we can find solutions to our future.  Join us today by sharing this and promoting to government officials to get this passed and in place!

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